Ed Takes a World Stage by Storm

World Championship of Yoga Sports 2016

It was at the World Championship of Yoga Sports in Pordenone, Italy on 2-3 July 2016 where Kanisorn Namchaiswadwong aka Ed Namchai snatched the silver medal, making his return to the world biggest yoga competition a phenomenon.

World Championship of Yoga Sports is the main international event in the yoga community, a demonstration of a sequence of asana (postures) where is judged also the athletic aspect through the beauty and harmony of these positions that need a lot of work, dedication, resistance and determination from all the contestants.

The international championship is held every 2 years by IYSF – International Yoga Sports Federation. And in 2016 the Federazione Italiana Yoga Sport hosted the event in Pordenone, Italy.

Ed represented Thailand participating the event together with athletes from all around the world. The competition took place at Auditorium Concordia on 2-3 July 2016 in the city of Pordenone, Italy.

On the second day in the final round, Ed performed the routine of 6 postures on the stage. With his striking performance, he finally took the second place of the championship.