Upcoming Events

  1. Flow & Yin Yoga Vacation

    February 24 - February 27
  2. Functional Vinyasa with Kru Ed Namchai

    March 31 @ 9:00 am - April 1 @ 5:00 pm


  • Taking Kru Ed’s class is a joyful experience for me. I particularly appreciate his cues for safety and alignment. Ed makes challenge poses look easy through his step by step approach. And it is safe and fun!

  • Practicing with Ed is always fun and powerful. We learn a lot of tips from him of how to get into the poses, especially backbend. Students in his class can touch his energy by themselves. He keeps his eyes on everyone, whether you’re beginner or advance student. He always encourage student to reach to the potential they’ve never known they have.

  • I always enjoy Ed’s class. He sometimes gives us challenged poses but he knows how to get into those poses easier or good alternative poses!! He makes adjustment kindly and accurately, which I always appreciate. I have a great respect for Ed as a yoga instructor and a practitioner.